It seems mipicamera lib is not compatible with Compute module 4


The company I work for have an ongoing project that will use a raspberry pi compute module with the camera Ov9281.

During the evaluation process, due to the difficulty of obtaining a compute model 4, we used a standard raspberry pi 4 in order to verify the camera was working fine. The library mipicamera worked just fine.

To my surprise, it seems that this library is not compatible with all raspberry pi models, and it seems all questions related with compute module 4 are unanswered. (Key words: 4099 compute module 4)

I think it would be useful for future clients to clarify which raspberry pi models are compatible with the your library.

I tried to look into your documentation to see whether or not your library is compatible with the CM4 and the only reference I found was in here:

" Arducam Pi camera modules are your perfect option for the Compute Module 4."

By reading this phrase I misunderstood that CM4 had the same support as the standard version.

Luckily the yavta application works

It would be great if you could confirm this or give some update on whether the library will support CM4 in the future.

I was wrong. There is actual support for the CM4 model. They have just updated the library. Thanks