IR-Cut switching camera with Raspberry Pi 4


I have several of these cameras:

I’m able to switch the IR-cut filter and capture images on an RPi 3, but have problems with an RPi 4, is the camera compatible with the RPi 4?

To elaborate, here are the symptoms on the 4:

  1. Unable to control the LED (and camera filter) via

  2. Except in very dark environments, there is a constant noise as the mechanical filter rapidly switches on and off on its own. Nothing (except total darkness) I do seems to stop this. If you capture image from the camera via PiCamera.start_preview(), you can see that the IR filter is constantly switching on/off from the captured images.

Is there anything I can do to use this camera with the RPi 4?

Thanks in advance.





In fact, we use the camera led pin to control the IR cut, for the PI4, the led pin does not be connected, the pin is impending , so the state is not sure.

If you want to control the ir cut, you can visit here


Hi again,

Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure that I follow you, but I wired the camera per the image you included.

When I wire up the IR and Ground to the GPIO pins, I do get the led on the camera board illuminated.

However, when I call with either on/off, I cannot toggle the led and I do not hear the cut filter switching. The script executes without error, but nothing seems to change with the hardware itself.

Also, the images captured with raspistill all look the same after calling either on or off (both “normal” with no reddish IR tint).

For what it’s worth, my camera board is marked UC-439 Rev B.

Should the python script for UC-350 also work with UC-439?

Thanks again.









Firstly, you should remove the photoresistor, Please try it again. Don’t worry and I will try my best to help you.


I have a few UC-439 Rev C and Rev D that are connected to various Pi4. There is no photo eye on the board for the cut filter. The wiring diagram shown has external pins leading to the camera board. Does the Pi4 camera interface cable have the capability to control the cut filter manually from the interface camera cable or does the UC-439 Rev c and Rev D not have the ability to be controlled without the external wiring to the camera board pins?

I want to control the UC-439 IR cut filter manually since the photo eye is not consistent when certain lighting causes the IR cut filter to chatter. This effects the quality of the picture and I want the IR cut filter to be active only when I command the IR Led to fire.