Installation ToF camera fails on Bookworm (Could not open device node /dev/video0)

Just a short question, are you doing this test on

Raspberry Pi 5 8GB with Kernel version: Bullseye OS, 6.6.20 ? I would love to keep Bullseye, but I guess this is a typo?

THX, Frank.

Hi Dion,

I have upgraded 2 cameras succesfully (confirmed by the tool), is it correct that the firmware version is not changing and stays: firmware version: 0x10002 (as before the update)?

I’m using the B0410_Tof_Firmware/aarch64 on a PI5 8G running 64 bit Bookworm.

Thx, Frank.

Hi Frank,
There is no Bullseye OS on Raspberry Pi 5. Yeah, though we would not like to accept it. For Raspberry Pi 5, it only supports Bookworm OS.

Yes, it still stays 0x10002. We omitted this point when we updated the firmware. It makes no difference to the normal usage. I’m gonna modify the firmware version in the next update.

Hi @Dion, thank you very much! Will try today.

Hi @laserborg
Looking forward to your good news!

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in case anybody is interested to participate, I plan to use a RGB cam (IMX519) as reference input for Joint Bilateral Upsampling to supersample the ToF depth data, effectively increasing it’s resolution to at least VGA.

this is a fork of pyJBU that I optimized for performance using vectorization, Cython and single channel inputs:

maybe someone (Arducam @Dion ?) is keen to translate it to a C++ module for the broader public?

After having started this thread on the 26th of Oct 2023. It is finally a fact!!

The ToF camera is working on my PI5 :star_struck: ( starting over with a fresh OS image did the job).

A big Hi-Five to @Dion, @dkjonas , @laserborg for your patience and support!

Best regards, Frank.

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Hi @laserborg
Marked. We will check it later. Thank you for your great idea and project :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear your camera is working now. Feel free to post the problems here and we are willing to solve them :cowboy_hat_face:

@Dion figuring out the video node ID was not trivial, but I can confirm both cameras are working now - thanks again!

for us Python users, if you set the CSI node ID in or, it works too:
if,8) != 0 :


Hi @laserborg
Thank you for your feedback!