update and FAQ

We have updated the script to install the driver, here are some instructions.

The function of automatic detection is to automatically install the corresponding driver for you when you don’t know the camera, and tell you which camera it is.

The automatic detection function is still being improved, if you have any questions, you can open another post to let me know.

And thanks to octoprint engineers for the advice

Our script for installing the driver has been upgraded. You can restart the installation script experience. At present, the script does not support the use of CM3/CM4. It does not maintain some older versions of the Raspberry Pi system.

cd ~
wget -O
chmod +x ./

Detect the camera and automatically install the corresponding driver for you.

./ -d

You no longer need to restart the system for the camera to take effect, but due to the previous installation package, we will not rebuild all installation packages for this small update. After installing the driver, you can choose to run the camera directly without restarting.

Like this,if you see a prompt similar to the structure in the picture below, you can choose not to restart,otherwise a restart is required.