Info: install opencv-python for Raspi OS

Hi all,

I try to use motorized camera for RasberryPi. with IMX477 cam
My reference is

Plz see from " First Use"
After git clone necessary files and install opencv-python as indication.
But Unable to install opencv-python.

We need to check your Raspi and python
no option and no modules affect installation.

My resolution is shared as below.

  1. Raspi OS version and python version.
    -OS: 2021-10-30-raspios-bullseye-armhf-full
    -Python version 3.9.2

2.Access the piwheels opencv-python by your python version.
in my case, is available to use.

4.Click “How to install this version”
You can find install command in the install window.

5.copy and paste, execute command.
Plz check the relative module can use (file path, components etc.)

  1. check opencv
    -python3 prompt

import cv2


If you want to use this code, you need to switch to the buster system.
Bullseye uses a new camera stack, you can try to switch to the old version of the camera stack: