IMX519 Focus example

Hi, I have IMX 519 and using it with Jetson Nano , when I run then deepstream app the left side of frame focus looks nice but right side of the frame does not look okay when camera is totally perpendicular to the objects. What I observe is focus is not working right.
While I was searching there is smilar problems but none of them could me help. Is there anything about the problem that could you help me?
My observations:
I tested two camera and their best focues with respect to their leftmost, rightmost and middle of th frame sides, I just sticked some pictures to wall and put camera cross to the wall as it sits left and right and put parallel to wall: (Briefly there is 180 degree and -60 degree and +60 degree angle between the camera and the wall)
Note that: I used first camera more than the second camera. (Maybe the problem is hardware ?)
1st camera:
Object is in leftmost side of frame, focus level is best at 265
Object is in rightmost side of frame, focus level is best at 285
Object the middle of the frame, focus level is best at 290

2nd camera:
Object is in leftmost side of frame, focus level is best at 225-230
Object is in rightmost side of frame, focus level is best at 225-230
Object the middle of the frame, focus level is best at 240-245

Don’t know why their focus adjustments are so different from each other and how their focus changes from rightmost or leftmost to the middle so quick there is not to much distance difference to camera cannot make normal resolution in its focus level?


Could you kindly send me the picture?

Here you can see the right side of the frame is blurry and left side barcode can be read. The focus is set to 300 . distance between the camera and the barcode is in 70-80 cm range.

Sorry for the second but forum warned me that new user can only put one image so I put the second there to be more precise.

This images come from only one camera. (the first camera that I mentioned above)


I need a meeting to talk about this.
Tomorrow is the weekend and I will give you the results on Monday or Tuesday.

Okay, thanks if it will be monday I will be happy. Have a nice day! :slight_smile:


I had a meeting to discuss this and first of all there will be differences from camera to camera which is expected.

For the different focal lengths on the left and right sides of the camera, there will also be a certain gap, but it is reasonable to say that it will not affect the use.

From what I can see in your picture, the left side is closer to you. Could you shoot again with the same distance between the left and the right.

Thanks for reply but in the pictures only one focus state is set that is 300, I need to add different focus states at the same time to see all frame sides are not blurry but I cannot do that. I need fully focued in all part of a frame. The problem I faced is exactly it is.
Also I have more photos but I cannot re-capture photos again in the same area, I can provide others.
In the fist pic leftmost on the top two barcode are detected.

In the second pic rightmost on the top four barcode are detected.


The new picture you gave is still not parallel, the left side is closer to your camera, if you fix the focal length value and the object is not very far away, then you need to keep the camera and the shelf vertical, which is very important. You can try to keep the camera and shelf level, so the effect should be better.

does fixing focal length mean changing focus state or what?

any update @Edward ?


Sorry I got distracted and forgot to reply.

From your 3 pictures, the one in the middle seems to be fine. From my point of view, the effect of the camera is in line with expectations, and the consistency between left and right is quite satisfactory. It is inevitable that there is a little difference between the left and right sides. From the test of our various cameras, the left and right consistency of imx519 is the best.

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