IMX519 driver compatibility

Regards above image, which refer to arducam quick start tutorial, it mention that imx519_low_speed_driver need to be install in kernel above 5.15.84. Means that any kernel GREATER or EQUAL to 5.15.84, or only kernel GREATER than 5.15.84? Asking this because I managed to install the driver in 5.15.84, focusing become faster already. However, the camera capture nothing but just return me a black image when try to use sensor mode 1, which is 1280x720 resolution.

Anybody facing this issues? Not going to upgrare my kernel yet as there is some others compatibility issues of my application. If the driver only support kernel GREATER than 5.15.84, then just let me know and i will close my topic. Thanks


Is this problem only with the minimum resolution? According to our test, this resolution does have such a problem on the old kernel. If you must use this resolution then a kernel upgrade is necessary.

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Yupp Exactly, just happened when using the minumum resolution. Thankyou for your answer! I will proceed to upgrade my kernel then