IMX519 Continuous Autofocus Timelapse

Hi all!

I want to create a timelapse and it should trigger the autofocus on every image (continuous autofocus).
“libcamera-still -t 30000 --timelapse 1000 -o image%04d.jpg --autofocus -n”

When created by script or cron job image by image, a sequence takes about 6 seconds.
“libcamera-still --datetime --autofocus -n”

Is there a possibility to reduce this to 1 second with autofocus?
My platform: Raspberry Pi 4 1GB

Thanks for your help!


This doesn’t seem feasible, in fact it’s not an autofocus issue, even without adding autofocus it’s still slow.
In addition, the default timeout of libcamera-still is 5s, you can try to lower it, but the effect may not be very good.