IMX477 with Stereo Camera HAT

Hi, I’m trying to get stereo images with your stereo camera HAT and two mini HQ cameras IMX477 on the Jetson Nano. I’ve installed the camera driver and can successfully read one IMX477 directly connected to the Jetson Nano. But with two cameras connected to HAT I see the device detected as /dev/video0 but cannot read the images (tried gst commands from your IMX477 docs and opencv).

Should this work in theory? Could you please advise me on what is missing?

Thanks in advance

Hi @missxa ,

The stereo camera HAT currently does not support IMX477.

@wong, ok thanks for the info. Is there an alternative way to get synchronized stereo images on Jetson with IMX477?

At present, Our stereo hat does not support imx477 due to the limit by data bandwidth.

We are developing new stereo hat with higher speed which will support imx477. You can use

it on Jeston Nano and Pi platform.