IMX477_Stereo Jetpack 4.5


I was wanting to ask if there is any support for the imx477_stereo driver on jetpack 4.5, the automatic installation script states that it cannot find the corresponding deb. It will happily install the arducam and imx477 drivers, so I am wondering if this is a mistake?

If there is no support, am I able to compile the driver for jetpack4.5? We are locked into jetpack 4.5 due to nvidia boot configuration issues with jetpack 4.6.



What platform are you using and do you provide the exact equipment model.

If you can, please provide a screenshot

Hi Edward,

here is a screenshot of the full output from the console trying to install the driver:

As the output states the platform is a xavier nx developer kit, the emmc version.



I will confirm this issue and get back to you, tomorrow during business hours


Please try it again.
This issue is now fixed.

Hi Edward,

can confirm that the driver now installs properly - Thankyou!