IMX477 SDK C++ - Setting parameters


I am looking information for setting parameters to this sensor as can be ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc. For doing that I am studying the Windows SDK C++ for Camera Shield USB 3.0, where it says that this sensor is supported.

As far as I know, in the SDK I can write into the register and set a value, but what I can not find is this information of pairs register/values for IMX477 sensor. Taking a look to the camera driver on GitHub there are some config files (.cfg) for several cameras, but IMX477 sensor is missing.

So my question is quite easy (I don’t know if the answers will be as well…). Which commands do I have to call from the Arducam SDK C++ to control camera settings for IMX477 such as ISO, aperture, etc?

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Recently, we will update imx477 cfg file.

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We have updated our .cfg file. Have you tested it?


Hi, not yet. In the next week’s I will do it and let you know.


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OK, waiting your good news.