IMX477 IR-Cut module modifiable for GPIO control?

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Hi, I’m thinking of buying a “12MP IMX477 Motorized IR-CUT Camera Module” to upgrade the setup I have with a previous 5MP camera module with IR cut filter. I have read this article regarding older versions that can be modified for control of the IR cut filter via GPIO:
Is this possible also on the “12MP IMX477 Motorized IR-CUT Camera Module”?
The header pins for GND and IR are visible on the block diagram, so does this work the same as on the older modules, remove the photoresistor and weld a 470 ohm resistor (where in this case?)?
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Well, I can finally answer my own question, in case somebody else wants to know: Yes, it works exactly as described in the article here:

I removed the photoresistor from the camera PCB and connected the GND and IR pins on the camera PCB as described in the article to my raspberry pi and also installed the software mentioned there.
Arducam used: “12MP IMX477 Motorized IR-CUT Camera Module” with an “Arducam IMX477 UVC Camera Adapter Board for 12MP Raspberry Pi HQ Camera” .
The whole combo gets detected in Motion Eye as a v4l2 camera type “usb-Arducam_Technology_Co.__Ltd._Arducam_IMX477_HQ_Camera_UC517”

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