IMX477 B0240 Specification/capabilities for Rpi Compute Module 4 query

Hi, I’m looking at the B0240 for use with the Rpi CM4, but I have some queries - I can’t find this information elsewhere.

Will this definately operate over 4 lanes of CSI-2 on the CM4 if I am using a base board with a 4 lane CSI-2 port? What is the expected maximum bandwidth in the 4 lane CSI-2 configuration?

I’m looking to pull RAW bayer 12-bit packed data from the camera at 24fps+ in a C++ application. Does the Arducam (Userland Driver) MIPI API support the IMX477 and 12-bit RAW data?

The Arducam (Userland Driver) MIPI API doesn’t appear to have any frame rate control functions. Is there a mechanism to control the B0240 framerate precisely?

Is there documentation of the registers for the IMX477 B0240 to use with arducam_read/write_sensor_reg?


B0240 driver does not support 4-lane.

Userland Driver is deprecated and not recommended.

The datasheet of the IMX477 is confidential and we cannot provide such information.

Hi Wong, thanks for the response. Regarding your points:

The B0240 says on the product page it has 4 lanes of CSI-2 output. How would we go about accessing 4 lanes with the Compute Module 4? Would we need to write our own driver?

If the Userland Driver is deprecated, which driver should we use?


Yes, the B0240 supports 4-lane, and one of the RPI CM4 camera ports also supports 4-lane, but there is no driver for 4-lane currently provided.

Now we use the kernel driver + libcamera.
The kernel driver provides v4l2 support (/dev/videoX), and libcamera provides ISP support.