IMX462 camera questions

Hi, I am almost ready to buy the SKU B0444 IMX462 camera for astrophotography. I read some posts here and note that for B0333 you need to update the firmware to do long exposures (about 60s). Is this firware update also required for B0444?
Another question, it seems that the CSI to HDMI adaptor board will NOT work with this IMX462 camera. Is this still the case?


OK, I read more and found that you have a session on long exposure in the wiki. It seems that 15s should be OK and that solve the problem.
I would still like to know about the HDMI issue.
Furthermore I suppose if I use libcamera-still -r option I should get a raw DNG file together with a JPG file as the formal Pi libcamera apps do?

We will not change the original basic functions.

If it is not indicated on the product page, there is no change in status.

Hi, I bought SKU B0444 and it arrives today. I follow the steps in the website to prepare the software/drivers. When I connect the camera, it works. It successfully take picture. I just want to be sure as I do notice some WARNINGS and ERROR notes in the terminal when I run libcamera-still. I attach the terminal output here. Please advise if these are not going to impact the function.