Imx219 UC-350 Rev. D vs Rev. C (unstable behavior, init fails)

Describe the bug
imx219 Rev.C (UC-350) working fine on raspberry4 64bit with libcamera interface
imx219 Rev.D (UC-350) not working with various issues with libcamera interface

Arducam 8 MP Sony IMX219 camera module with M12 lens LS40136 for Raspberry Pi 4/3B+/3

Bug report

Additional context
Some imx219 Rev.D can run as secondary camera on multi camera boards. Several have issues on initialization with a direct connection to raspberry. It is unclear why there is variation in behavior, the Rev.D camera have been ordered in one batch from the producer.

dmesg log is shown regardless if camera imx219 C or D is connected on boot:
[ 7.055467] imx219 10-0010: Consider updating driver imx219 to match on endpoints

Updating OS, eeprom, rpi-update did not help.

Swapping (replugging) between RevC and RevD cameras is possible. It leads to same behavior.
RevC working init, RevD error stuck in init.

Anyone else, who has tested imx219 Rev D cameras?