Imx219 camera on jetson xavier nx have High latency

Hello everyone. İ have imx219 camera V2 and jetson xavier nx. İ tested camera for latency. i observed High latency. İ need low latency. resolution is not important ! i will use for object detection.

Hi, @ufukasia

Generally speaking, the delay of IMX219 is not very large.

How did you test it, what command did you execute? What are the requirements? We would like to test according to your scenario.

there are 36 ms. i know this is not very latency but i need more low latency. how can i please .

İ share my result please look and help me


The drivers for the imx219 are officially made. I see their forum is discussing this matter.

If you want to achieve almost 0 latency
you can choose Jetvariety global shutter

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