Imx219 camera and csi to HDMI adapter not working

Dear Arducam,

I’ve bought a couple of Arducam B0250 (imx477) cameras that brings the following csi adapters:

They work fine with the B0250 cameras and original Nvidia Dev but I’ve tried to perform a test using two adapters and an imx219 camera:

Using a Auvidea JN30 Carrier board and the previous setup, the imx219 camera is not detected and when I connect the camera directly to the carrier board using only a 15pin csi to 22pin, the camera works fine.

Thank you in advance for your help.


The Auvidea JN30 Carrier Board is a third-party carrier board that our camera modules do not support.
We have claimed it on the product website.

Ok, thank you for the information.