IMX219 (B0181) AutoFocus - Support for Jetson Orin Nano

Trying to connect IMX219 (SKU:B0181). Can camera be connected to Orin Nano? I tried to connect to CAM0 and CAM1 port. When I do “ls /dev/video1 or video0” I get ls: cannot access ‘/dev/video1’: No such file or directory. So, what I need to do? Do i need to run anything to enable camera (the existing NVDIA driver should be enough?). Any help/directions is appreciated?

Thank you


Yeah, you are right.
Please follow the steps outlined in the link below to enable the Nvidia native imx219 camera driver:
Kindly note that you need to run the command: **sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/
Besides, here is the guide where you can refer to to apply the autofocus function.

I’d say, yes.