IMX219 10 bit mode

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camera board UC391 Rev.E
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windows / python
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I am using the usb2 camera shield with IMX219 sensor.

I recieved from the arducam team a configuration file for 640x480 pixel images.


This works fine in 8 bit/pixel mode, but I want also to use 10 bits/pixel.

How can I do this? I changed in the configuration file the camera parameter bit_width to 10, but this is not working.

Does I need to change order registers (eg. PLL)?


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I read the 24 December 2020 update of the USB20 Camera Shield Rev.E info.

I configured the IMX219_MIPI_2Lane_RAW10_8b_640x480_30fps file so that in the GUI app the MIPI Data Type is 0x2B.

But in my python apllication I do not get 10 bits.

In the above document I read:

3.Because the upper computer cannot parse RAW10 at present, the CPLD on USB2.0 Camera Shield Rev. E is throwing away the lower two bits of 10bit and turning them into 8bit before uploading, so BIT_WIDTH is set to 8bit.
Does this mean we can not get 10 bit images at the moment?

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Hi @wim ,

We are very sorry, but there have been some problems in our system recently, which caused us not to see your reply.
Not sure if your problem has been resolved, here is the response to the problem:

Using some tricks, we can get RAW10 without unpacking, and I can make an example for you if you need it.

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Hi Wong,

can you make me an example so I can get 10 bit images in the python SDK?


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