IMX 462 long exposure firmware

Hi guys, several months ago you gave me a firmware for the IMX 462 cam that permits long exposure (15sec). I still use it but would like to know if you have a more up to date firmware with same functionalities ? Because I have sometimes small bugs and I see that you also release new board with one board rather than two and maybe it needs some updates in firmware.

Thanks for your help


Can you talk about it in detail?

There is no difference between them in essence, they just integrate two pieces into one.

When I increase exposure to 1000ms for example and get down to 2ms, the cam does not take it correctly into account. It is like the cam get down to 10ms. I have to get down first to 1ms and then to 2ms to make it works.

For gain also, if I push to high level, for example 2000, I see gain increasing for few seconds and then decrease, as if I was going above a limited value.


For exposure issues
You need to wait for a few frames, libcamera has done the processing, which will make the process go smoothly, and it will not take effect immediately.
For the gain question:
It may be the problem of digital gain, digital gain is out of control and even in manual mode, digital gain will be adjusted automatically.

Both of these are designed by libcamera.
If you are interested, you can take a look at their source code