Image quality and sensor mode issue with Arducam IMX477 High Quality 12MP Camera using Jetson Nano using Nvidia Argus library

I am using 12MP IMX477 HQ CAMERAS FOR JETSON NANO/XAVIER NX with Jetson Nano for microscopy application.

I am using Nvidia’s Argus library for accessing camera, since I need Image Sharpness data along with image of 4056x3040 resolution at 30FPS for focusing (using external mechanism) in between image captures.

But the issue is, image I am getting camera using Argus library (Nvidia’s Nvarguscaoture application) is of low quality when compared to Raspberry Pi High Quality camera (using Raspberry Pi board and Raspistill application) with same IMX477 sensor. Also when Argus library detects only 2 sensor modes of 3840x2160 and 1920x1080 resolution only, while camera module is of 4056(H) x 3040(V) 12.3MP resolution.

Is there a way to get images in maximum resolution of 4056(H) x 3040(V) with image quality that of Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera using Jetson Nano’s Libargus library?


On nvidia jetson, their isp is not open, so it is difficult for us to adjust this aspect. The image quality on the jetson is really not as good as the raspberry pi

Is it possible to achieve same quality in Jetson by ISP tuning? Did Raspistill on Raspberry Pi is doing any post processing to image?


Currently no.

The raspberry pi opens up the isp and gives the method how to adjust it.

Raspberry Pi’s isp itself is also better.

Got it, thanks for clarification.