I2C Address on Multi-Camera board

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Not purchased
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Not purchased
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Arduino UNO R3
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Can’t find any instructions !
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Not finished designing it yet
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Hi, I am designing a board using 4 x OV2640 SPI Arducam cameras. The problem I have is that all 4 cameras have the I2C address (0x60). I have been able to get all my cameras to work by using an I2C multiplexer, so I can choose which device I am talking to at any one time. However, looking at your “4 Multi Camera” board for the Arduino, I don’t see any such I2C multiplexer present. How do you do it without an I2C multiplexer? The SPI side of things is fine, as each SPI bus on the camera has its own “Chip Select” line, but I don’t see how you can talk to each of the cameras individually over I2C.

How should I do this correctly? Do I have to use an I2C multiplexer chip, even though you don’t on the multi-camera board ?

Thank you.


7.What attempts at troubleshooting have you already made?
Made board with a multiplexer chip
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Tell me how you get away with no multiplexer chip on the multi-camera board.


In the “4 Multi Camera” board, the four cameras share the I2C pin. If it is the same camera, the I2C address is also the same. When using I2C communication to configure the camera register, because the I2C address is the same, the four cameras will be configured at the same time register.