How to Use Two Cameras with Arducam Sync Module (UC-625)


I am trying to use Arducam sync module to create a 360 camera by bundling two UC-599 cameras for testing. Later I wish to use 14MP camera module as well. But I couldnt find proper instructions to combine them with the sync module. The manual mentions some manual soldering but its for 5MP and 8MP camera module and the one I have is quite different in terms of circuit layout. Can you please provide any concrete instructions on how to proceed with it ?


Hello,Thanks for your interested in arducam products. About multi camera solutions, we have Multi-Adapter-Board and stereo hat board. Both of them can be used on RPI camera and arducam camera. Can you attach me your camera’s pictures and let me help you evaluate how to

use it in a multi-camera system.


Thanks for your response bin, Here are the pictures. I tried these cameras as just a test. The original module I want to use is either or−inch-18mp-color-camera-module/. I tried soldering as mentioned in the doc but I think I already damaged the board. Is there any on the shelf solution which could prevent me from being exposed to soldering ? Thanks

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Hi Bin,

Thanks for your response.Somehow whenever I post my answer with an image my post gets deleted or is not visible. Here is the link for the image. Right now I am using the module UC-599 module for testing purposes but intend to use Either 14 or 16 MP version of breakout board available. Something like this−inch-18mp-color-camera-module/. Is there any solution available that doesnt require soldering. I tried to follow the guidelines mentioned on your page and maybe damaged the board already.

Image Link :

Hi Bin,

Thanks for your response. Somehow whenever I post an image or link on the post it automatically gets removed. Maybe spam filter is filtering out my messages.


Please refer to this diagram I attached for you.