How to use IMX477 for Jetson AGX ORIN

I am having Jetson AGX ORIN, Auvidea J20 and i am also having Jetson AGX Xavier™ Carrier Board - DSBOARD-XV2](Jetson AGX Xavier Carrier Board - DSBOARD-XV2 | which has 6 2-lane MIPI port and i am planning to run multiple IMX477 camera. As i can see IMX477 is 4 lane camera for which there is dedicated driver to run it on jetson nano and nx but haven’t mentioned anything for Jetsion AGX ORIN.


The imx477 official driver can be used, you need to switch through jetson io.

But as far as I know, the official only supports the adaptation of two csi interfaces, you may not be able to use the camera on all csi interfaces.