How to use External Pins on OV5647?

The Pi camera module based on OV5647 has a number of external pins, VSYNC, STROBE and FREX.

Camera module here: Arducam Lens Board for Raspberry Pi Camera, Adjustable and Interchangeable Lens M12 Module, Focus and Angle Enhancement for Raspberry Pi 4/3/3 B+ : Electronics

How do I use these pins? In particular I want to synchronize the camera to an IMU, will the Strobe pin toggle at the start of every frame? How does the vsync work? Can I further control camera settings in relation to these pins in a driver?

VSYNC: Frame synchronization signal, VSYNC will output a level jump signal every time a frame of image is transmitted.
STROBE and FREX pin functions refer to the following pictures.

Thank you! Sorry I got busy.