How to use 8MP IMX219 B0184 camera with C-mount lens and then revert back

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Jetson Nano B01
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online documentation
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do not work as expected
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I need to use B0184 camera with C-mount lens, but the image is red tint. Then I follow this link (Fix Red Tint with ISP Tuning) to correct it:

The red tint of the image becomes slight (though still a bit). Now I want to use its original lens (do not use C-mount lens), but the image is different from its original quality). How can I revert back to its original condition?
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Don’t know how to do
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Provide solution

First, go to root directory:

cd /

To remove the ISP tuning:

sudo mv var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/camera_overrides.isp ~/

To recover the ISP tuning:

sudo mv ~/camera_overrides.isp var/nvidia/nvcam/settings

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