How to use 5mp SPI camera for raspberry pi Pico W

Hi, i’m trying to use a 5MP SPI camera for the raspberry pi pico and it is all working (I mean that the wiring is correct and it is detected) but I can’t find any info at all on how to take pictures using micropython or any language for that matter. Can anyone help?

We need to automate taking pictures every few seconds using micropython. Thanks

I have this same question, except I am on a Pi Pico. Is your 5mp the OV5642? Have there been any updates since then? I am thinking of using opencv to communicate to the pico somehow, but I am at a standstill.

this might be similar to what i’m assuming we’re looking for, but there was no response from arducam either…


I replied to you in this thread.

thank you for the response!