How to trigger OV9281 camera modules on Jetson Nano

I have purchased two OV9281 Arducam cameras to use with my Jetson Nano.

I have a question regarding the electronics to command the trigger for these cameras. It says in the documentation and video example that only arduinos, raspberry pis or similar boards are used to send this signal. Why not the Jetson Nano? I do not have space in my application to add another processor for commanding the camera’s trigger.

Have you tried triggering the cameras with a Jetson nano? Is there not enough current available from the GPIO pins on the 40 pin header to trigger the cameras (especially if I have 1 GPIO pin triggering 2 cameras)?

Hi @Margarito Lehmann ,

We do not currently provide the trigger program on Jetson Nano, you can refer to these links to implement your own program.

Jetson Nano GPIO

Jetson Nano GPIO example problem

Jetson.GPIO - Linux for Tegra