How to set property in pivariety camera using libcam

Hi wong,
As per your guidance

successfully accessed pivariety camera ,now I am trying to set camera property like Brightness ,Contrast,Exposure,and so on .if it is possible to access those properties via provided .
please provide me support to over come this issues. Thank in advance

Hi, Balaji

You can refer to the code below to set the camera frame rate, brightness, contrast and exposure time parameters.

    ControlList controls_;
    int64_t frame_time = 1000000 / 30;
    // Set frame rate
	controls_.set(controls::FrameDurationLimits, { frame_time, frame_time });
    // Adjust the brightness of the output images, in the range -1.0 to 1.0
    controls_.set(controls::Brightness, 0.5);
    // Adjust the contrast of the output image, where 1.0 = normal contrast
    controls_.set(controls::Contrast, 1.5);
    // Set the exposure time
    controls_.set(controls::ExposureTime, 20000);

For other control items, you can refer to the link below.

libcamera Controls

Thank Yang,
I have an doubt regarding of FrameDurationTime , what’s mean by frame_time= 1000000/30 ,is that FramePerSecond or anything else.Kindly please give an clarification about FrameRate . Thank you in advance

The duration of each frame is in microseconds.