How to set FPS OV9281?

I need to set the FPS, but i didn’t found how to do it. My camera is OV9281 (UC-580 Rev. C)

Hi, MIPI_Camera driver does has a directly API to set the frame rate. You can set the exposure time using arducam_set_control(camera_instance, V4L2_CID_EXPOSURE,value) to change the frame rate.


Is it not a exposure speed (shuter speed)?


Or it is a real fps?


This is used to set the exposure time. if the exposure time is set to low. the frame rate will increase. Otherwise the frame rate will reduce.

I understood, but i need to set fix resolution in (640x480) and also, to fix fps in 20 in video write. I found that there is this structure:

struct fract{
uint32_t numerator;
uint32_t denominator;

struct format {
int mode;
int width;
int height;
uint32_t pixelformat;
struct fract frameintervals;
const char description; / Description string */
uint32_t reserved[4];

In the raspivid (raspiberry), the parameters numerator and denominator is setted. But in arducam it is not true.

How to fix the parameters?


Sorry for my late reply. I know what you mean, At present, we does can’t get the real value of the numerator; denominator; which is used to calculate the live frame rate.Can you try to set them a fixed value?