How to read and write the register scripts on Arducam stereo camera HAT

Hello Arducam,

Hello, I’m having difficulty setting the exposure of a stereo HAT setup with imx219 cameras. I want to run a line in a python script (within which allows a custom exposure time to be set. I’ve tried reading and writing with the register scripts but am having difficulty getting this to work. Can you help with this?




In order to help you. I need more detail information about your problem.which script you are using and where is it? If you want to set the exposure time manually, you should disable the auto exposure mode firstly. We provide software_auto_exposure(enable = True) API for use to enable and disable the auto exposure mode. You can refer to our test demo here

Let me know if you need more help.



Sorry for the double post as in the manual exposure control section I just saw your post here. I’m trying to change the script to see the exposure change difference. To do this, I’m changing the script that writes to the registers (the script). It is in the MIPI camera under the jetson nano tab. Can I use the software_auto_exposure API for python applications on the Jetson Nano? I see this command in the rasberry pi scripts but not the python scripts for the nano.

Please attach me your code script and I will help you check it in detail.