How to make get picture of ArduCam using getUserMedia

I just got my arducam IMX519 and i am using it on raspberry pi 4. i want to get image from arducam using getUserMedia in javascript but no device detected. My camera module works fine and can capture images using libcamera-app. But I don’t know how to connect it to javascript to capture the image

I have not used it this way.
But I probably know the cause of the problem, instead of using the traditional /dev/video0 node on the Raspberry Pi, you need to use the /dev/v4l-subdev0 node.

Hello Edward…same problem here…I am working with imx219. If I use chromium no device detected, with firefox ESR the browser ask for permission but I just can see different color frames. If I start legacy no changes . Camera tested with libcamera-hello . Where do you make this chnage “/dev/v4l-subdev0 node”…I´d appreciate any help. Thanks, Regards


If you want to understand the principle:

libcamera already uses the v4l-subdevX node, you don’t need to worry about this.

I don’t know what network push method you used, but we have a similar solution, you can refer to it: