How to lower the IR light source intensity of ArduCam ToF sensor


Recently I purchased an ArduCam ToF sensor. It works as specified on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.

I intended to use it for tracking retroreflective markers. Unfortunately, IR reflection from the markers was so strong that pixels of depth and IR images corresponding to the markers had invalid values, i.e., saturated (as shown in the attached picture).

I found a paper addressing this problem, which suggests to reduce the intensity of IR light source in such a case. However, I was not able to find APIs from the AduCam ToF sensor SDK. ( I tested the SetControl API and tried various values for ArduCam::EXPOSURE, which had no effect on depth and IR images. )

I would like to know if there is a way to control the IR light intensity of ArduCam ToF sensor.

We will introduce this feature in a future iteration, stay tuned.

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Dear Dion,

Thanks for your quick reply.
Would you let me know whether the feature is already provided by the current sensor hardware and will become available by upgrading the SDK/driver, or it should be implemented in a future iteration of the hardware?

We are developing a medical AR application, where trackball markers are tracked by the ToF sensor of MS Hololens 2 headset. However, the Arducam ToF sensor seems handy and has a reasonable price tag so we wanted to check if it can be utilized for tracking markers for clients without the AR headset. I hope that the feature will be available soon.

(It would be much useful if IR values are not saturated even when the corresponding depth values are saturated. On the picture I posted, the brightest pixels on the IR image are rendered black.)


We will release it as an update sdk.

If you have a lot of camera needs, you can contact ([email protected]) to speed up the completion of this matter.

Currently updating this sdk is not the highest priority.

Dear Edward,

Thanks for your quick reply.
We anticipate having a significant requirement for cameras, but before proceeding, we need to verify whether the Arducam ToF sensor is suitable for our intended application. While I understand that updating the sdk may not be your top priority, would it be possible for you to provide a test version of the updated sdk when it becomes available? Alternatively, could you please advise me on how to control the intensity of the IR source without updating the sdk?


of course.

sorry, there are currently no alternatives.

In any case, I suggest you send an email and talk about your needs.

The market will make priority adjustments based on your potential possibilities.