How to increase gain on arducam_64mp

Hi all,

can someone tell me how to increase gain on the arducam_64mp to get more brightness at low light conditions?
I want to use libcamera-vid with a min framerate of min 25 fps, at sunlight it looks quite good, but at low light it should be brighter!

Thanks a lot


You can adjust the device settings manually. There is support for parameters such as shutter time (–shutter) and gain (–gain).

Thank you for your answer Edward, but these parameters are fixed then…
I want to increase the dynamic range (changing light situations while recording), but if I do so in the tuning file I get some strange behaviour as I already mentioned in other posts… :confused:

I am so confused and I am looking for a answer so bad that I already consider paying for an answer, but I don‘t even know who could help me :smiley:

Hi Edward and everyone else,
sorry for making confusion :smiley:
I found the problem finally… I just had to update the setup, there was a overflowing unsigned integer (-> not uint64_t) in agc.cpp which is fixed since march…

Thank you guys anyways!