How To Get OV7251 Camera Working With ROS

Hi all, I wanted to send data from the OV7251 camera to a topic on ROS kinetic so I could use it for OpenVINS yet the repository on Arducam’s github only shows it working in terminal with python.

I know that interfacing it with ROS is possible because if you look in the repository for Arducam’s stereo hat they show this camera working with ROS. I do not know if the stereo hat is needed for sure, but I am thinking its more than likley that there is a way to get it working just through the camera port on my RPI-3B+ since ubiquity has done it with standard RPI cameras.

Yet since the Arducam camera isnt compatible with their repository, and I do not know how to write my own for the camera, I was wondering if someone could make one, link me to an already existing one, or tell me how to modify a standard rpi library to get it to work with Arducam’s version. All input is appreciated, thanks! =)


I have not tested our mipi camera on ROS system. I am willing to develop the camera’s driver on ROS system.


Thank you that would be much appreciated. =)


I’m not very familiar with ROS, I still need your help, such as basic operations.