How to control exposure time for Arducam OV7251 camera module

Hello Arducam,

I have ordered several OV7251 NoIR camera modules (U6070-1). I have a question here:

Is there a way to fixate the FPS of the camera so it will be fully controllable?
I mean that I want to control the exposure, and the time between the frames better/know the time between the frames.

Thanks for your support.


Arducam release arducam_set_control(camera_instance, V4L2_CID_EXPOSURE,value) API for user to control the exposure.

Is there exposure control in python?

<p>Can I control the FPS?</p><p>If I want 20 FPS, is there a hardware way to get it? (Not by frame dropping at the software level)</p>

Hello, About the exposure control, you can refer to our demo

You can try to reduce the exposure time to increase the frame speed. Arducam has not provide frame speed control API.


Thank you.

If FPS cannot be controlled, is there a good way to set the Exposure (Not in RPI), in mili seconds without a formula?




At present we have not a whole formula to calculate the exact the exposure time. This task need the sensor local factory’s support.

This API arducam_set_control(camera_instance, V4L2_CID_EXPOSURE,value) just set the number of the line.