How to communicate with the AR0330 [U6032] using ESP-EYE

Hi, I need to use this camera module on a ESP-EYE, I can see that the connector is compatible (flat 24 pins) but I cannot understand where to find useful drivers to convert in order to use this module. Can anyone please help me on this? Thank you.

I am afraid that you can not connect the AR0330 to ESp32 platform.

Because the ESP32 doesn’t have onchip ISP processing, and the ESP32 doesn’t enough frame buffer to hold even one image from AR0330.

OV2640 is widely used for ESP32, which has build-in ISP and output fairly small footprint image with JPEG compression.

Thank you for your reply, I have understood the problem.

So, I need at least the OV3660 module (which is 3MP and it is compatible on the ESP32), but I noticed that it is really hard to find a way to ship such module in Europe. Where can I find such module (OV3660)? Thank you in advance.

We can help you provide the 3MP module in bulk either using OV3640 , OV3660 or other else. Pleaes contact our sales by [email protected] for more info.