How to capture full resolution in arducam 4 camera connection in raspberry pi?

Hello everyone,

I and my friend were working on creating a dataset that covers the images on 4 sides(90 degrees each other).

we are using the following:

  1. IMX219 camera - 4 cameras,
  2. raspberry pi 4
  3. sample code which Arducam provided in their Github account

the problem which we are facing at the moment are:

  1. couldn’t able to capture the full resolution of images (3280 x 2464)
  2. maximum image we obtained was (640 x 480)
  3. the pi hangs a lot while trying to capture the 4 images

Can someone help or give some leads on how to attain full resolution based on your experience, if you worked with?

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Hello, which example program are you using? I can test it for you.

raspberry pi cant deal with 4 cameras (usb) at once cause of usb hub issue.
i got only 13 fps in 1280x800 with 3 cameras and opencv built from source.
try to use threads and multiprocessing thats the way. but even with them it is only 13fps on video (