How to bring Arducam OV2640 into MotionEye

Hello everybody

Does anybody know how to setup the Arducam SPI OV2640 version into MotionEye?

Thank you

If you want to setup the Arducam SPI OV2640 version into MotionEye, I think you need to add our Camera into v4l2 framework. In other words, the application can find the video device, I can help you finish the hardware driver to driver the camera successfully.

At motion eye, I can select “Local V4L2 camera”, this could not work, because it is connected via WiFi.
I think I have to choose “Network camera” but an error occurs.

… motion eyey says
“not a supported network camera”

You can’t choose Local V4l2 cmaera, because we don’t have driver in the v4l2 framework.
When you choose the network camera, you should ensure you can send image data via some Specific protocol the motioneye need.
Can you tell me the detail hardware platforms? What’s the platform you running the motioneye application? What’s the platform you use the SPI camera?