Hot Spot problems

Hello, I have recently purchased an Arducam IoTai ESP32 CAM WiFi Bluetooth UNO PSRAM Development Board with Camera Module OV2640 and I have a few questions:

  1. When I connect the board to a power outlet the hotspot does not appear on my computer. The reason i have connected it to an outlet rather than my computer is that I have a mac book pro and do not have a c drive adapter. Is it necessary for the board to be plugged into the computer for the hotspot to show up ?

  2. I read on a forum here that a sim card is needed for the hotspot but have found that information no where else.

  3. is an sd card needed for for the board to function ?

thank you so much


First question,

If you flashed the program opened the hotspot you will see the hotspot. Please confirm which program you flashed.

Second question,

Esp32 already includes WIFI capabilities so you can see hotspots without a SIM card.

Third question,

The SD card is not necessary if you don’t use the SD card function.