Help: Pi 4 and Arducam Multi Camera Adapter Module V2.2

Dear community,

I am a Pi beginner and start with the Pi 4 B. My first project is to build a live broadcast with the Pi 4 and 4x cameras. I have ordered an Arducam Multi Camera Adapter Module V2.2 for Raspberry.

So far I have been able to complete the following installation steps. PyQt5, cv2 and the code library are already downloaded.
However, the following commands are not taken from the command line: sudo chmod + x, sudo ./, sudo python and sudo python Who could help me with this?

Does anyone know how to set up a live broadcast? Access should be possible from anywhere.

Teamviewer is available.

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We have updated our demo recently. Please test our new demo following here



It works now with the updated demo.

Does you know how to set up a live broadcast with these modules? Access should be possible from anywhere.


Great to hear it works normally. For live streaming, you need a push server. Our demo is only responsible for fetching the data and displaying it locally. You need push those image data to a to live broadcast platform, We have no relevant examples yet.

Perhaps a stupid question, but I have gotten the Multi-camera adapter module v2.2 tests to work (video works great) on my raspberry pi setup, but I can’t figure out how to take still images? Are there some ArduCam scripts specific for this adapter?


I have four cameras hooked up by the way - if that is important.


Sorry for my late reply. In fact, you can use "" to get a still frame. Our video demo also use the API to get frame continuous.




would it be possible to see the demo with the four cameras in full screen? The demo is currently displayed in a small window.

If you want to get the four cameras in full screen, you should change the resolution and the size of the display windows. But it will influence the frame rate. I don’t advise you do that.


do you have the complete code for taking photos,plz

thanks a lot


I don’t have complete code about storing image. after you getting image just use cv.imwrite(path,img) to save it.

thanks for replying,

but first I have trouble about how to get image,can I get image by using Linux’s code ?

thaks a lot


Please refer to our demo

Using to get image and use imwrite to save image.