Help needed on OV2311 2MP*2 Stereo Camera Raspberry Pi demo

Bought OV2311 2MP*2 Stereo camera, struggling with it for 2 weeks, but found very little information on Raspberry Pi 4 support.

Is there any Depth mapping example code for Raspberry Pi 4?

Found some examples under “MIPI_Camera/RPI/stereo_depth_demo at master · ArduCAM/MIPI_Camera · GitHub” – but tried Buster 32bit and Bullseye 32bit/64bit, none of those recent available OS can run the demo.

The other relevant information is under “Quick start - Arducam Wiki” — working with Bulleseye, but all it shows is just a libcamera usage demo.

Is there still any Depth mapping demo that works for OV2311 2MP*2 Stereo Camera? This product claimed to be compatible with both Raspberry Pi and Jetson nano — hope there are some example code available for Raspberry Pi 4.

We have stopped maintaining the MIPI_camera library. So the Depth mapping demo fell into disuse.
If you want to use this code, we need to make it compatible with Bullseye OS in terms of this usage. It will take time to do it and we hope you can wait patiently. :blush:

Thank you for your quick reply and confirmation on the status of MIPI_camera library — so I don’t need to struggle with the code examples any more (I found the library support discontinuity seems starting from Aug’22, so I tried to figure out if there is still any OS/Lib working combinations to enable the demo code but with no luck).

Understand you prefer to make it compatible with Bullseye since it’s the latest OS and some big changes on camera support was made. The demo code can be very helpful and encouraging for new users like me. I can wait for Bullseye version to be available. Could you give a hint on the likely timeframe? It’s best to have a Jetson Nano like ROS compatible version — but the original MIPI_camera like demo also works.

Thank you.

Maybe we can work it out after the spring festival. I have recorded it on the to-do list. I hope you understand that we are stuck with something else, which takes us time and energy to do.

Thank you for putting this on the to-do list. Looking forward to the updates!

P.S. is there any Python library/kit that I can use with OB0264 Stereo camera?

Do you mind trying the Picamera2?