Help: Manual Focus and Zoom controls

well I’m getting this error when i want to install the manual focus. Has there been an update? it worked before

[email protected]:~ $ cd Arducam-Pivariety-V4L2-Driver/focus
-bash: cd: Arducam-Pivariety-V4L2-Driver/focus: No such file or directory
[email protected]:~ $ python3 -d /dev/v4l-subdev1 --focus-step 10
python3: can't open file '/home/pi/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Focus Control/Adjustment

# Press the Up/Down Arrow for focus adjustment, press “ctrl + c” to save, or “r” to reset
cd Arducam-Pivariety-V4L2-Driver/focus
python3 -d /dev/v4l-subdev1

Step Adjustments

While you are trying manual focus control, you can use --focus-step [number] to configure how many
steps the motor in the lens should move when the Up/Down key is pressed.
By default, it’s set to 50, and you can change it to any value between 1 ~ 1023

python3 -d /dev/v4l-subdev1 --focus-step 10

I suggest that you re-download the whole file and try it again.


Alright i got it to work, however it does not output the video on the focuser exampe. i can hear the focus motor moving. Camera works with just using ibcamera commands.

Edit: I might have found the problem, will update tomorrow