Haweye 64MP video stream resolution/digital zoom

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We are considering Hawkeye 64MP camera with Raspberry CM4/Jetson Nano for our project, we need to achieve good quality video streaming with posibility to implement digital zoom capabilities.
To achieve that, max resolution would be needed, but as I have noticed in the camera specs it is specified that video stream could only be 1080p 30FPS, and for max resolution only 2,7FPS is achievable by camera, have i missed something or is this camera extremely limited at high resolutions? and digital zooming the live stream would result in cropping of lower fhd resolution?

Sorry if this is some dumb question, I do not have much experience with cameras and RPi, doing research on behalf of my colleagues.


The hardware encoding of the Raspberry Pi only supports 1080p. If you want to record video with a larger resolution, you need software encoding, but this will be inefficient and prone to problems.

Thank you for reply!

So do I understand correctly, that camera itself is not limited? the possible resolution/fps depends on the proccesing computer? (rpi/jetson etc.)


Completely correct

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