Global shutter, full color camera supported by raspi stereo camera hat


I’m working on a project that requires full color global shutter stereo cams because we’re looking at fast moving (~2m/s) objects for a machine vision application. Do you have any camera modules that are supported by the stereo hat and meet my requirements?

  • stereo
  • global shutter
  • hardware synchronization between sensors
  • color
  • same sensor for both cameras
  • >120° FOV
  • compact <6cm height
  • >=.3MP (640x480)
  • highest pixel size possible(light sensitivity)
  • S-mount ok, CS mount preferred
  • 10-30fps
  • range 15-150cm (distance between cameras must be as small as possible )

best regards

What do you mean by 15~150cm? what is the distance between to cameras do you want?

How do you want to trigger the camera, self-trigger or external trigger with some events?

You can have a look at the MT9V034 color sensor to check out if it meets your requirement.

by the range I meant that I need the cameras very close to each other to get a depth map with a range of ~15cm to ~150cm

I’d like the cameras to self-trigger, the timing doesn’t matter so much as long as the sensors are synchronized.

Thank you for the suggestion and the very quick reply :slight_smile:

Best regards, Arnthor

From you requirement you can find the following combination:

And you can find the video demo from :

In the demo we use the monochrome version camera, you just need to swap to color version MT9V034 as is.