Get list of bytes to send through SPI

Hi everyone,

I’m not an expert with arduino, ArduCam and the SPI bus.

As I understood, the functions “write_reg” and “read_reg” allows to communicate to the cam with bytes, right ?

I’d like to have a list of the bytes to send and what they do.

I’m looking for the version of my Arducam (don’t know if I need to select on the memorysaver.h a mini5MP, mini5MP_plus, or REV_C. It works with the RevC but I want to be sure)

I’m also looking for the message to send to activate LowPower mode, and of course to desactivate it :wink:




The functions “write_reg” and “read_reg” are communicate with CPLD, if you want communicate with camera, you should use “wrSensorRegs8_8” and “rdSensorReg8_8”.

Thr function “write_reg” is used to send some commands to CPLD, the commands you can find in ArduCAM.h.

Refer to the comments in memerysaver.h and the camera you have for which version to use.

For the low power mode, please refer to this link.