Get blooming effect in Arducam Mini 2MP OV2640

Hello Everyone ,

I’am working o a project where I use Arduino Uno and Arducam Mini 2MP OV2640 .The objective of the project is to get images with blooming effect .Blooming comes from saturation of pixels effect caused by a bright object such a sun . What are the parameters that should be changed in order to view this phenomenon.

Thank you


You can try turning off auto exposure function.


Thank you very much for your reply . I did try to change the exposure manually by giving different values to registers (0x04,0x10,0x45) . Here is an example of the code:
myCAM.wrSensorReg8_8(0xff, 0x01);
myCAM.wrSensorReg8_8(0x13, 0x00);
myCAM.wrSensorReg8_8(0x04, 0x03);
myCAM.wrSensorReg8_8(0x10, 0xff);
myCAM.wrSensorReg8_8(0x45, 0x80);

I tried to set exposure to maximum but without any result . Thank you very much


You can disable auto exposure and auto gain by writing 0xe0 to the 0x13 register. Then adjust the 0x45, 0x10, 0x04 registers to control manual exposure. Refer to the image below.