Full resolution stills with arducam IMX477 synchronized stereo hat?


can I get full-resolution still images from two HQ Cameras with the synchronized stereo hat? A framerate of 2 frames per minute would fully suffice.

I did find this thread, but it seemed inconclusive to me.

And on a side note, do you by chance know how to take the images without any delay? RaspiStill always takes a second until it shoots the photo.

Thanks a lot!

According to this guide it should be possible, but the specifications only mention the “half-resolution combine”. Some confirmation would be nice before I purchase it :smiley:


The resolution is created by two cameras, and each camera only uses half of the resolution, not independent. The purpose of this camera is to allow two cameras to be synchronized and have a wider field of view, just like the human eye.

We also have a camera multiplexing device for pi3 and pi4, which can support the cameras to work independently, but there is no way to work at the same time, because the Raspberry Pi 4 has only one mipi receiving channel, and it cannot receive at the same time.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Just to be sure: Even though here it says that I can get the full un-squeezed image from each camera, this is not possible at the same time?
arducam.com /camarray-release-multiple-mipi-camera-solution/

​If you want to go beyond what the official driver is capable of and get the full un-squeezed image from each camera, use the open-source V4L2 camera driver from Arducam.

I already use two of your multiplexing boards in a different project, and they work great! But now I need the images to be synchronized.


Getting a full uncompressed image requires changing the driver. This is completely synchronous.

It may be that I have said a few things that have misunderstood you.
What I meant to say was that another piece of hardware is out of sync. I apologize for any confusion.

Great, thanks a lot. And there’s no need to apologize. I will purchase the HQ Cam Stereo HAT


Before you make a purchase, we still need to discuss this issue further. It’s possible that the uncompressed image requires modification of the driver, which can be a complex process and falls outside the scope of my support.

Okay. As long as I don’t need to modify the V4L2 Camera Drivers, I can install them. No problem.

Or do you think it would be better to connect the two HQ Cameras with your Arducam CSI-USB UVC Camera Adapter Board? Your website claims they have 10fps at full resolution, so I could pull a frame at 0.1s accuracy. Yes, they wouldn’t be synchronized, but I think 0.1s is accurate enough.


Which one to buy depends on your needs. The effect of the mipi camera will be better than uvc. The mipi camera uses the isp of the Raspberry Pi. The uvc camera can save two images with the maximum resolution without modifying the driver.