Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about 8MP IMX219 V2 cameras

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The camera cannot connect to Raspberry Pi 4, the error message is as follows:

> Starting capture -1
> Camera control callback: No data received from the sensor. Check akk connections, including Sunny oneon the camera board. It could be that the camera is defective.


  1. Please check if the camera connection is loose and resit the FPC cable to the connector.
  2. Please run this command, vcgencmd get_camera and check the result.
    If it shows: supported =1, detected =1, it means the camera is detected already.
    Then run the command: raspistill -t 0
    If there is no image shown, contact [email protected] for further help.



I am trying to use the camera module on the raspberry pi zero. The camera itself does work but when I try to set the focus (via the i2c interface) I only get this error: “write error”. It is fully working on a regular raspberry pi. Is the raspberry pi zero not supported or do I need to install different drivers/files?


I bought two identical camera modules, but with one the focus does not work (even with the regular raspberry pi). I get the same “write error”, but only with one of the modules. Any idea why the focus did stop working or what might have destroyed the focus motor/interface?


The test code was updated recently by our engineer, so the suggested troubleshoot will be:

  1. Confirm the cable connection.

  2. Find the newest code from the Github:

  3. Some steps in details:

a. Download the test code

[email protected]:~ $ git clone


b.Insall the python-opencv

[email protected]:~ $ sudo apt-get install python-opencv


c.Configure the i2c0

[email protected]:~ $ cd RaspberryPi/Motorized_Focus_Camera/

[email protected]:~/RaspberryPi/Motorized_Focus_Camera $ chmod +x

[email protected]:~/RaspberryPi/Motorized_Focus_Camera

$ ./

Then click y to reboot


d.Run the autofocus demo

[email protected]:~/RaspberryPi/Motorized_Focus_Camera $ python