Fast single Frame Capture with low latency on Jetson Nano with IMX477

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Jetson Nano B01
4.Which instruction are you following?
A bunch.
5.Has your product ever worked properly?
Yes. Works fine.
6.What problems are you experiencing?
I would like to capture a single image in maximum resolution for further processing. I do only care about one specific frame, timing will be done via external input.

So far I found lots of gstreamer video capture examples which have been slow and your mention in another post that direct cv2 capture of the imx477 image is not possible (raw10).

In my application the capture frequency is about 2fps and I need a very low latency. The image should be completly processed when the next trigger comes in.

How would I do this? Preferably in Python3 since my other processing is handeled in python as well. Could you provide me with some example code to get a cv2 object?


Thank you
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code example / link

Hi @sixtimesseven ,

We are very sorry, but there have been some problems in our system recently, which caused us not to see your reply.
Not sure if your problem has been resolved, here is the response to the problem:

According to your description, it is not very sure that Jetson+IMX477 is suitable for this kind of operation. You can try to use native libargus. It will not undergo heavy operation and should be faster than other methods.

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